Singles will inform you: dating could be the worst.

Playing “matchmaker” between individual visitors and their next great guide is the exclusion. Even though many libraries host “blind date” book events (pairing individual visitors with a “mystery read” covered with paper, labelled with only a couple of descriptors), a variation i love for book groups is more like “speed dating. ”

The fundamental concept behind “book club speed dating” is always to produce attractive, quick, book club-centric pitches that boost audience engagement by providing them alternatives. As librarians, we DO have particular usually main reasons why we pick one guide club choice over another — but we seldom share them clearly utilizing the team. Ironically, but, we understand that great RA is situated on precisely those sort of authentic reader-to-reader recommendations.

Enter “speed dating” tactics for your guide club! Everything you do is as easy or complex while you choose. Predicated on your guide club arranging “style” (and available resources), it is possible to combine, change, and adjust the suggestions below. Needless to say, we’d want to read about your guide club’s “speed dating” experiments!

  • Ease into speed dating by plugging in alternates for two games already in your routine (maybe later on within the 12 months). Write only a little blurb concerning the two “contenders” – you’ll have just a little enjoyable it up like a dating profile with it, and write. Post the explanations on the library’s internet site, along side a study book that is inviting individuals to vote with regards to their favored choice. Make sure to incorporate a closing date for votes, and deliver down an statement regarding the champion with time to secure the copies your library will be needing. Is low-tech more your personal style? Arranged a real display associated with games along with their “profiles” printed away, and make use of a ballot field for guide club-goers to throw their votes. (TIP: when you have LibraryAware, the Like-Try-Why template is a handy solution to make leaflets advertising the choices. )
  • Invite staff and visitors to a “book club speed dating” meet-and-greet.

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