Nokia views times that are tough Networks market – Mobile World reside

Nokia’s Q3 figures did not wow as a result of weakness with its systems company, even while its patent certification product did its better to replace with it.

Worryingly for shareholders, the business stated it expects market conditions for complete 12 months become “slightly tougher than previous anticipated”, by having a “4 % to 5 % decrease into the primary market that is addressable Nokia’s Networks business”, weighed against previous guidance of 3 % to 5 %.

Moreover it noted “uncertainty associated with the timing of completions and acceptances of particular projects”; “robust competition in Asia”; and “uncertainty linked to possible mergers or purchases by our customers”.

Rajeev Suri, CEO (pictured), said: “The performance of our patent certification company had been the clear highlight associated with the quarter,” citing “a favourable arbitration result with LG” which resulted in an understanding for an extended licensing deal.

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