Besides the joys of sexual experimentation, the technology is lacking with no one actually understands why squirting is a thing.

‘Squirting is usually small like we see in porn,’ describes Lola. ‘It could be a leaking, a trickle, a gush… It doesn’t need to “project” through the human anatomy for this to be considered squirt. In reality, I think it is usually doesn’t project unless there will be something that is formerly blocking the genital canal. That’s not saying ejaculate doesn’t are available big volumes. ‘Squirt is usually a clear, notably cloudy liquid that can differ in amount from anywhere to 40ml to 1250 ml. That final component is my globe record which disproved technology claiming 900 ml ended up being that max quantity some one could eject.’

How come ladies (and vagina owners) squirt?

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