My Sexual Attack Taught Me Why Is a beneficial Friend—and a poor One

“I became a various individual. And despite—or perhaps because of—all of the, my closest buddies declined to provide me personally the advantage of the question”

Alannah Brown 15, 2020 april

(Photo: Getty Pictures)

Warning: This tale contains descriptions of and sources to intimate attack and could be triggering, particularly for those that have experienced attack and/or harassment.

Why is a friend that is good?

We never really had to offer it much thought as a youngster. We were either buddies, or we weren’t.

Us weekly, Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups and a special crystal on a necklace that was meant to bring peace when I went through my first breakup at 16—five days short of our one-year anniversary—one of my oldest friends came over with. The appreciation we felt on her behalf had been enormous. Had been this what it supposed to have a friend that is true?

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