Social networking presents advantages of young ones and people that are young such as for example enhancing interaction

Clinical Psychology and Community

Sexting and Gender Violence Among Teenagers: An Integrative Literature Review. This review aimed to systematize the research on sexting and sex physical physical violence published between 2000 and 2016 in nationwide and international journals. The search ended up being done within the databases BVS Psi, Psychlit, Medline, LILACS, and Oasis. We discovered 383 articles. After using the exclusion requirements, 21 articles had been analyzed. The outcomes revealed that sexting just isn’t an a priori danger element. The danger relates to factors for instance the content associated with communications, when it expresses physical violence, and chronilogical age of the practitioners, showing that younger age the higher the chance. It was discovered that you can find modalities linked to gender violence, such as for example revenge slut and pornography shaming, however these articles aren’t inherent to sexting.

Our company is challenged by today’s scenario to comprehend the existence of technology among the primary mediators in affective relationships. Technical progress preferred usage of gear in numerous classes that are social caused it to be possible that making use of online products had been quickly expanded, impacting the general public that interacts through this news, mostly adolescents and teenagers ( Brown & Bobkowski, 2011 ; Ybarra & Mitchell, 2014 ). One of many habits that needs attention in this field is sexting, which can be quite frequent among teenagers in conducting their relationships, being them of ephemeral or consolidated nature. ( Drouin et al., 2013 ).

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