Issues about retaliation or backlash could avoid people that have firsthand understanding of LGBT dilemmas,

Whom might work as role models for LGBT youth, to remain closeted or keep their distance through the GSA. One advocate for LGBT youth in Alabama stated:

Every GSA i am aware is run … by straight women that are sweet and well-meaning but due to that the learning pupils react completely different to your GSA. No body else when you look at the college district seems comfortable stepping up, even because they worry they’d lose their job though they’d be a better fit. Individuals are terrified. 191

Whether as a result of college policy or as a result of a concern with retaliation, GSAs when you look at the schools analyzed were always this product of pupil advocacy, and never started by instructors whom recognized the necessity for a safe and nonjudgmental area for LGBT pupils and allies in school. George Taylor, an LGBT youth advocate with Shared Goals LLC in Alabama, stated:

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