Cat & Dog Introductions – Slow and Steady Does It

Oh just just exactly how fortunate we had been years ago when launching dogs that are new current kitties and brand new cats to current dogs in the house. Need not let you know all of the things we did incorrect. I’ll just tell I’m very Lady that is thankful Luck to make certain that in the conclusion individuals were delighted and in a position to co-exist peacefully. Oh heavens, it might went therefore incorrect!

Now we know about dog and cat behavior and the individual needs of each species, we take a much different and much slower approach to help set both the dog and the cat up for success when introductions are made that we know what. Introductions typically get faster with your pet dog which has had previous experience with a pet and a pet who’s got prior experience with your dog; however, don’t just just simply take this former experience for issued.

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