Within the realm of Akorinos and their changing identification

Do they help polygamy, reject medicine and never shake arms with non-members? Current and members that are former the stereotypes

• The Akorino fused Kikuyu traditions aided by the Christian faith, carving an unique identification

• While they’ve exposed, some diet that is still restrict ban intermarriage, medical center visits

Dr David Wachira is a economic professional at the whole world Bank that has recently made a quantity of interesting appearances in the Kenyan news scene. He is Mukurino, owned by A christian community in Kenya historically unique for fusing Kikuyu traditions because of the Christian faith. Certainly, he’s referred to as the American Mukurino.

Boasting a century of presence, the Akorino community is renowned for the distinctive style that is sartorial, based on an individual’s gender, carries a turban or mind fabric, the essential conspicuous sign associated with the faith to outsiders.

Akorinos mark anniversary that is 100th tree planting

That icon marks the Akorino out for stereotyping and discrimination, as Dr Wachira described previously this year during an look from the Citizen TV talk show Jeff Koinange Live. He provided sobering anecdotes of exactly just what their turban claims to individuals in this nation.

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