Partners Bridal Shower Games. Individualized Bridal Shower Invitations & Favors


  • Bingo Boards
  • Markers
  • 3-4 prizes (or maybe more) – candles, soaps, etc.

To Try Out

  • Make or buy a bingo board that is blank.
  • Pass them off to your invited guests and get them to fill out the blanks with gift ideas they believe the bride will be getting during the shower.
  • Since the gift suggestions are exposed, your guests mark off all the places these are typically appropriate.
  • An individual gets a BINGO, a prize is won by them.
  • Have three or four rewards available.

Musical Partners You need to have a level number of individuals to truly take part in this game. ( The person that is odd or even the host, could be the someone to stop the songs).

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  • Music and a Stereo

To Relax And Play

  • Turn some music on, and start the overall game by choosing 2 individuals to dancing with one another (fast or slow).
  • Have some body turn the music off at different periods, and tell the 2 individuals dancing to pick partners that are new.
  • Continue steadily to have fun with the game and choose brand brand new lovers until many people are dancing.

Connect a Yellow Ribbon this will be a great solution to introduce everybody else when you have a level amount of people at your celebration.


  • yarn or ribbon, cut into various lengths (at the least 100-400 uneven pieces)

To Try Out

  • Put everybody else into pairs, and have now them search for the homely household to locate as numerous bits of ribbon/yarn as they can.

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