Gottmans relationship advice that is best pt 2 the skill of relationships podcast

I inquired Jesus if it absolutely was ok to be melodramaticand she said yesI asked her if it absolutely was fine to be shortand she stated it sure isI asked her if i really could wear nail polishor perhaps not wear nail polishand she stated honeyshe calls me that sometimesshe said can be done simply exactlywhat you would like toThanks Jesus We saidAnd is it also fine if I don’t paragraphmy lettersSweetcakes God saidwho understands where she picked that upwhat I’m letting you know isYes Yes Yes

Maybe not the story that is whole needless to say. but we wonder that which we label of the idea . There is certainly a principle of “all God’s promises being yes and amen” that’s not constantly main into the real means we experience Jesus. Probably the point is within the dialogue that is relational the poet and Jesus, not absolutely the rightness or wrongness of nail polish etc.?

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