Requirements for Top-notch Analysis and Review. Install the standard Standards Brochure

Overview of RAND’s guidelines for High-Quality Research and testing

  • The situation should really be really developed, together with reason for the study ought to be obvious.
  • The analysis method must be really executed and designed.
  • The analysis should show comprehension of associated researches.
  • The information and information ought to be the most readily useful available.
  • Presumptions must certanly be specific and warranted.
  • The conclusions should advance bear and knowledge on crucial plan problems.
  • The ramifications and suggestions must certanly be rational, warranted because of the results, and explained carefully, with proper caveats.
  • The documents should really be precise, easy to understand, demonstrably organized, and temperate in tone.
  • The research should always be persuasive, of good use, and highly relevant to stakeholders and decisionmakers.
  • The research must certanly be unbiased, separate, and balanced.

Requirements for Top-notch Analysis and Research

This pamphlet defines the product quality requirements for RAND study.

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