For many intents and purposes, Lois is a mother that is good. She’s her moments, but the majority fans would concur that this woman is more accountable and conscious than Peter, broadly speaking, but did this girl ever actually want children into the beginning?

Fans that have seen many episodes of Family man will realize that she’s made her viewpoint very clear with this matter. She has stated many times that she never really desired to have a child that is single aside from three. As a mother while she is resigned to the family life with Peter, it’s quite obvious that she never envisioned herself.

8 Peter May Not Be Meg’s Real Dad

Since the beginning associated with the show, Meg happens to be notably of an outcast into the family members. She actually is very nearly universally hated by every single other member of household, and not generally seems to get any admiration from anybody, but could here be a reason behind this? Could her distance from the others of this grouped household become more than just a coincidence?

Numerous fans realize that Peter is probable maybe not the father that is real of.

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