Change: are both Red and Blue! The same as CCIR!

IR – Cleverness Requirement

(1) A requirement for cleverness to fill a gap when you look at the command’s knowledge and comprehension of the battlefield or danger forces. Cleverness requirements are made to lessen the uncertainties connected with effective conclusion of a particular friendly plan of action; a modification of the program of action frequently results in an alteration in cleverness demands. Cleverness requirements that help choices which impact the mission that is overall (such as for example range of a course of action, branch, or sequel) are designated as priority cleverness needs. Less intelligence that is important are designated as information demands. (FM 34-130, dtd Nov 93).

(2) Intelligence gaps that must definitely be filled so that you can lessen the uncertainties from the effective execution of a particular COA that is friendly. Each is related to a certain enemy action that will require a response that is friendly. Each needs to be situational templated and wargamed. Your wargaming will determine which IRs become Priority Intelligence demands (PIR) since the objective operates its program. (FM 34-8, dtd Sep 92)

Intelligence gaps that must definitely be filled so that you can decrease the uncertainties linked to the effective execution of a particular friendly COA. Each should be associated with a certain enemy action that needs an agreeable response, ask an individual question, and get legitimate for a specific time period.

Change: FM 34-130 plus a format that is specific minus the tutorial on producing them.

PIR – Priority Intelligence Requirement

(1) Those cleverness needs which is why the commander has an expected and stated priority inside the task of preparation and decision creating. (FM 101-5-1, Sept 97)

(2) a cleverness requirement connected with a determination that may impact the success that is overall of demand’s objective. PIR are a subset of cleverness needs of a greater concern than information demands .

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