BC Timber Product Product Product Sales. BCTS’ objectives, goals and strategies that are key lay out in its yearly company plans.

BC Timber product product product Sales (BCTS) manages about 20 per cent for the province’s allowable annual cut for Crown timber, generating financial prosperity for British Columbians through the safe, sustainable development and auction of Crown timber. BCTS operates in 33 communities and directly supports over 8,000 jobs across B.C.

Information from our operations are acclimatized to assist figure out the marketplace worth for the timber harvested from general public land and ensures British Columbians receive reasonable value from their timber resources.

BCTS additionally supports government’s dedication to true, lasting reconciliation with First countries in B.C even as we move toward completely adopting and applying the un Declaration in the Rights of Indigenous Peoples as well as the telephone telephone telephone Calls to Action associated with Truth and Reconciliation Commission.

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