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When Your Roommate’s Boyfriend Overstays His Welcome

They attempt to “fix” you

Greenberg defines narcissists searching for a partner that is romantic “looking for bit of cheese without any holes.” And since everyone has holes, that mission is condemned right away. Once the narcissist sees those holes—which is as small as, state, you unloading the dishwasher in ways they don’t like, or mispronouncing “bagel,”—they may either “fix” you or dump you.

“You’re like a building under construction for them,” Greenberg claims. “They feel just like the Prince in Cinderella.”

Lisa experienced this with Adam. “He knew my back ground and upbringing and provided me with easy methods to hide it,” she says. “One time, we talked about we discovered piano as a young child and that we wished i possibly could return back and discover it. He said he’d get me piano classes for my birthday, because, ‘I think it might look healthier if perhaps you were a classically trained musician.’”

She adds, “It was such as the Princess Diaries, where I became likely to be this middle-class, out-of-place kid, in which he would definitely build me personally into this perfect partner that is little. I happened to be this blank slate that he had been simply planning to make his masterpiece.”

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