Fetishism as well as the dilemma of disavowal. Fetishism happens to be usually connected to misrecognition and false belief, to a single being “ideologically duped” so to talk.

Book date: 11 November 2019



But could we genuinely believe that fetishism might be exactly the extremely contrary? The objective of this paper would be to explore the potential of the at very first sight counterintuitive idea. It locates the issue of fetishism during the crux for the dilemma of disavowal and contends any particular one has to differentiate from a disavowal – marked by cynical knowledge – and disavowal that is fetishistic which is often recognized being a subcategory of the identical belief framework of ideology.


This conceptual paper is centered on literary works review and uses examples through the author’s ethnographic fieldworks in Asia (2008-2013) and main European countries (2015-2019).


The paper provides a fresh insight into the dwelling of fetishism, counting on the psychoanalytic framework of disavowal, where all disavowal is ideological, although not all disavowal is fetishistic, therefore positing an important, usually unacknowledged distinction. Where disavowal follows the dwelling I don’t only discover how things are, but in addition the way they may actually me personally, and nonetheless …. “ I am aware very well exactly how things are, but nevertheless …, ” fetishistic disavowal follows the formula: “”


The paper develops a genuine conceptualization of fetishism by differentiating ideological disavowal from fetishistic disavowal.


  • Ideology
  • Disavowal
  • Fetishistic disavowal



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