Men Dish on the latest Oral Sex They’ve Ever Gotten

“Sometimes my gf will minimize exactly what she’s doing in the exact middle of a blow task and inquire me personally the things I want her to accomplish next. The cool component is if I have anything special in mind or to see what she can do to please me right then that I know she knows what to do, but she checks in to see. Simply knowing that she would like to please me personally is this type of change on—and makes me would you like to please her more after she’s completed. ” —Matty, 33

“You understand that track, the lollipop track? That’s essentially just exactly what my gf does whenever she’s heading down on me personally. She’ll wait until my penis is totally erect, then she’ll hold it in her own fingers and lick it through the base towards the top throughout the thing that is entire. Feels great. ” —Seth, 29

“Usually we hate it whenever girls utilize their teeth during dental intercourse. It hurts. Exactly what may be great is whenever she does it in an excellent way that is gentle. The girl I’m dating at this time when did this thing where she gently traced her cam4ultimate comcom teeth all along my shaft and utilized her tongue to gently lick it during the time that is same too.

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