Recently I Arrived On The Scene. How Can I Tell My Pal We Have Feelings On Her Behalf?

“I do not would like to get refused or spoil a powerful friendship, but it’s driving me personally crazy.”

Recently I came out as bi (I’m a female) to a few my closest buddies, plus it went very well. Nonetheless, the entire explanation we started initially to feel interested in other girls was because I began to think of one particular buddies in a way that is sexual. I will be deeply in love with her romantically. We now have understood one another for just two years now. Her, and for the first year and a half after that, I wasn’t interested in anything more than friendship with her when I first met. Now this woman is all that I am able to think of. Nonetheless, while she’s got admitted attraction to ladies, she actually is never as available as i will be about this. We have no concept exactly exactly how she seems about me personally. This woman is actually touchy because I want to think that she likes me too with me, but I probably am just making that into something it’s not. We haven’t informed her as more than just friends, and I think it would be really hard to do that without ruining our friendship that I like her.

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