Comparing Trump and Biden’s intimate assault allegations

Johnson, a staffer that is former their campaign, advertised Trump forcibly kissed her before a rally and therefore a couple saw it. Although both so-called witnesses denied it, Johnson’s boyfriend, mom, and stepfather all claim she told them in regards to the kiss that is unwanted the full time. A video clip of Trump casually greeting a receptive Johnson with a kiss had been advertised by Johnson’s appropriate suit to show “exactly just what Ms. Johnson alleged occurred to her: a kiss that is unwanted Defendant Trump. ” Both sets of contradictory witnesses listed below are made less legitimate by their affiliations. Two people in Trump’s internal group would clearly deny Johnson’s allegation, and Johnson’s family members and boyfriend would clearly support it. The timing is suspect, and also the movie does not assist. The available evidence thus far renders Johnson’s a wash unlike the credible allegation of Harth and the probable one of Zervos.

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