My mother-in-law is just a narcissist. This woman is a misogynist despite being fully a feminine narcissist.

She was hated by her mom. She only ‘loves’ her grandsons and treats them much better than her granddaughters (to harm the girls). She freely admits it, too. She trashed my child for many years until we exploded in her own face and shared with her i did son’t desire to pay attention to a lot more of this c**p. And so they don’t like being challenged, therefore she’s calmed down (it won’t final long). A mother that is friend’s growing up had been a narcissist. She hated a female that is prominent and she made the gf of her grown-up son a full time income hell, finished their relationship singelhanded. So yes, i really do think that narcissists are misogynists, long lasting intercourse of this narcissist. But i’ve no idea where this arises from, except, patriarchal communities, like muslim or fascist communities are misogynists, and they’ve got, you might say, narcissistic characteristics. Or traits that are psychopathic that are alike.

It was hard to deal with at first, i think maybe because if someone falls out of love with a person there is closure. But having to accept a narcissist can not feel love, is even more devastating to grasp. That it all had been fake and a lie when i first realized my ex was a somatic Narcissist.

Him i never knew of the condition, but knew something wasn’t right with how he acted from my previous partners when i first met,

We came across him whilst I became in a relationship with another man, who was sort, caring and affectionate.

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