Flash Loans and Simple Loans. What exactly is SALPay Loans?

What exactly is an loan that is easy? Easy Loan is really a variety of Loan provided by SALPay with greater quantities and longer terms. Borrowers can ask for a loan simply by saying the total amount, function, and terms. The lenders will then have the ability to counter offer or reject the demand associated with debtor. The offer could be not the same as just just just what the debtor has sent applications for. The total amount is higher or lower while the terms may be smaller or longer. The lender’s decision when it comes to loan provides will be based upon the work information on the debtor.

Am I qualified to avail of that loan? Presently, just SALPay Wallet users who’re active workers while having had the oppertunity to get 2 wage disbursements meet the criteria to avail of that loan. To test if you’re qualified, please begin to see the screenshots below:

If you’re not qualified, whenever you click “Apply”, you will come across a mistake message displaying “No available loans on your own account”.

You click “Apply”, you will be directed to the loan application page if you’re qualified, when.

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