Oral stimulation is precisely exactly exactly what it seems like — making use of your tongue and mouth to enjoyment your spouse.

When your partner has a vagina

You are able to kiss, lick, or draw the:

  • Clitoris
  • Area around the vagina or clitoris
  • Vaginal opening
  • Internal thighs
  • Anus

When your partner includes a penis

You might kiss, lick, or draw the:

  • Penis
  • Perineum and scrotum
  • Internal legs
  • Anus

Penetration is normally connected with penises, you could penetrate the vagina or rectum with a selection of various things, such as for example your hands, your fist, or a masturbator.


Understand that penis-in-vagina sex can result in maternity, therefore confer with your partner about birth prevention choices.

  • Penis-in-vagina intercourse
  • Fingering the vagina
  • Fisting the vagina
  • Inserting a vibrator or dildo

If you’re going to possess anal intercourse, you want a bit more preparation.

The rectum does not create a unique normal lubrication, therefore making use of lube is essential.

Get carefully, whilst the liner associated with the anal area walls are thinner than compared to the vagina.

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