How exactly to Disable Bing Location Wi-Fi Scanning on Android Os

There are essential higher level choices hidden in your Android’s Wi-Fi settings. Chief among these may be the capability to Wi-Fi that is disable scanning Google’s location solution.

In summary, when enabled, Wi-Fi scanning ensures that location along with other apps should be able to scan for Wi-Fi sites even if your device’s Wi-Fi radio is down. Hence, your phone or tablet can nevertheless gather location data and construct a idea that is general of comings and goings. We had a frank study of location tracking history in a previous article, in case you’re thinking about learning more.

The goal of Wi-Fi scanning is always to help Bing find your phone or tablet more accurately than if it had been just going by mobile companies. If you allow GPS location monitoring, then all things are an extremely moot point, but GPS is extremely battery-intensive, and achieving the Wi-Fi radio enabled whenever you’re on an outing can be as well.

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