Web Development


TRIO is emerging as a leading web development company in Pune, set to make a mark in providing creative website development & design services. We employ cutting-edge web development practices backed by our articulate, experienced website developers & designers, delivering economical solutions aiming to satisfy our clients.


We, at TRIO, lay emphasis on building a mobile-friendly website with the rapid and steady usage of mobile internet in the past two years, and it’s high time to give a serious thought if your website is not mobile or user-friendly. One-third of online traffic comes from mobile devices itself and making your website mobile-friendly is a highly beneficial effort, which can take you to places. At TRIO, we help you know-how and where to get started, and what makes a site good for mobile devices.


The fact is that on “an average 25 billion web pages are being added to the internet every year”. We are on our relentless pursuit of delivering customized web development solutions to make your website design flexible, attractive, dynamic and strong, giving a new identity for your business. We enrich ourselves with a clear vision of being the most advanced service provider in its domain. Today, the company has a popular nation-wide presence for its impeccable service and high ROI generating web solutions.


The recent emergence of HTML5 has provided a lot of support for advanced technology, such as local storage, geo location and semantic tagging and we, the TRIO, are always on the run for designing and building up a componentized Web pages in accordance with an evolving World Wide Web Consortium(W3C) standard.


Although work on Web components has been going on since 2010, the technology now seems to be gathering up momentum. In many ways Web Components finally delivers the advanced coding tools and techniques that developers in other languages have long been cherishing such as objects, templates and data binding (though the data binding is offered by Polymer, not Web Components itself). Possibly the core technology for Web Components is an import tag for HTML which can save developers from what is known as dependency hell, in which they must declare, in the body of a page, all the libraries needed to execute the code.


Apart from Google, other browser, such as Mozilla has already included a number of functions to support Web Components, and Apple and the Microsoft appear to be investigating the possibility of including support in their browsers. Another one is Opera which uses Google Chrome Blink Layout engine, supporting Web Components by default. We have our eyes set on technology supported on all OS & Browsers and ensure our design works properly and is error-free in appearance and functional on any platform used for viewing. We keep Cross-Browser Compatibility in mind while designing the entire process.


Expertise Helming our Web Development Pune Company


Our clients love us for our in-depth understanding of market trends, web technologies and designs. We, the passionate professionals, master the art of proficiency in HTML5, Ecommerce, WordPress, CMS, CSS, Joomla, Drupal, PHP etc, apart from implementing Search Engine Optimization to our website. Our designers and developers are always tirelessly working towards evaluating the project requirements and then advising for the most suitable and viable solution. At TRIO, design and development go hand in hand. Our websites are user-friendly, responsive and revenue-generating.


Technology, used for designing website, also plays an indispensable part and our developers have a substantial amount of knowledge in all technologies in HTML5, Ecommerce, WordPress, CMS, CSS, Joomla, Drupal, PHP etc, used for creating a phenomenal Website and helping clients all over India. The Chrome OS operating system, used in Google Chrome boos, uses Web Components to power its virtual keyboard and media player, with interest in Web Development seemingly growing at an alarmingly rapid pace.


We are working on web solutions which comprises of web development, web content, writing markup and coding, Software development, iOS, Windows & Android Application development, and e-commerce development.


Commitment towards excellence and constant innovation are the hallmarks of TRIO. With our loving and endearing team, you will discover and explore the latest in web technology and design. For instance, we can redesign or revamp your website in sync with latest trends like long-scroll, card layouts, HD Hero images, rich animations, hidden navigation menus, or galleries and slideshows. Our clients of web and SEO services from Pune, Mumbai and host of other important cities of India are very much a part of our existence and success story and we work according to your requirement and budget, keeping in mind your needs and preferences as well as feelings and sentiments.


So let us unite and make a pledge towards in building a rock-solid identity for your business venture! Tie-up with us and we’ll be ready to help you in every possible ways.

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